Stewart Gynn

Executive Headteacher

I have always loved mystery stories, in particular Sherlock Holmes, so I read Antony Horowitz and Ann Cleaves. I also like a bit of fantasy and have read the whole Harry Potter series, Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights and Terry Pratchet’s Discworld series. Often my sons tell me about books that they have enjoyed and I have recently read Cogheart, Skellig and Holes on their recommendation, although my favourite children’s author is Michael Morpurgo - I can’t believe that Kensuke’s Kingdom has not been made into a film.

Suzanne Le-Doux-Lucas

Head of School and SENDCo - Currently on Maternity leave

My favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. I must've read it dozens of times, sometimes finishing it, then starting it all over again straight away! I always wanted to be like the kind teacher, Miss Honey who saw the best in all children and valued each individual's characteristics and qualities. This book is why I became a teacher really. I do love most Roald Dahl books as the stories are all great as well as the illustrations by Quentin Blake-but in my opinion Matilda is the best!

Emma Williams

Beech Class Senior Teacher - Currently Acting Head of School

In 1986 Rik Mayall read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl for Jackanory. I was 8 years old and I was hooked. I watched silently, in awe of the mischief making George and totally transfixed by Rik Mayall's storyteller voices- most memorably the evil Grandma. I couldn't wait for the next episode to transport me to the magical world Roald Dahl had created and I still have my original copy which I read over and over and over again. Fast forward 34 years and I have just read that copy to my own children.

I have always loved the way books can transport you to another world and love nothing more than finding a good series, usually magical fantasy lands. From CS Lewis'classic The Chronicles of Narnia, to the modern classic of Harry Potter (I'm Hufflepuff, my wand is Rowan Wood with a Dragon Heartstring 13", reasonably supple, and my patronus is a Piebald Stallion- check out Harry Potter Wizarding World to be officially sorted)

I adore the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, I have two daughters and want them to be as caring, astute and fearless as Katniss. As I've grown up, my interest in magical worlds has broadened to include the imagined dystopian futures and I have thoroughly enjoyed Margaret Attwood's dark, dystopian Handmaid's Tale and more recently her Booker Prize winning, The Testaments- a highly recommended read for adults.

Sharon Mileham

Staff Governor and Year 3/4 Teacher

As a girl, I loved reading but found it hard to get any peace and quiet at home because of all my noisy brothers. I was thrilled, therefore to become school librarian at secondary school where I used to sneak away to read at break and lunchtimes. My favourite books then were adventures stories by Enid Blyton. Before the ‘Famous 5’ books were published, there was the ‘Secret Seven’ and in these stories I became lost in a make believe world of excitement and thrill-seeking adventure.

Now I am fully-grown, I still enjoy adventure stories and have just finished Winston Graham’s 12th Poldark novel. I think it’s great to have been able to read the books and watch the Poldark series on television. I know the children in my class love David Walliams and JK Rowling and love the books even more when they are turned into films so that the characters really come alive!

Sandra Beardsmore

Chair of LGB and Health and Safety

As a mother, grandmother, retired teacher and experienced chair of governors, I am very excited to be leading the local governing body of Luxulyan School. I am passionate about providing children with the best learning experiences possible whilst they are at school. I especially enjoy living in Cornwall and as a governor I am especially interested in Health and Safety, ‘Special Needs’, raising standards and looking at how we can improve the outcomes for all our children.

Books are such an important part of my life and I’m fortunate to belong to a local book club and since moving to Cornwall I am able to order books on line, picking them up from our monthly community library van. My earliest recollections are being engrossed as a child in the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe being the first of the six books. I just loved being in the fantasy world of the author C. S. Lewis. Although these books were written over sixty years ago, they have been adapted for radio, television, the stage and film and are still read today. I really enjoyed Roald Dahl books when I began teaching, reading them to both my class and my own children, always starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have read every one of his seventeen children’s novels. I also found his ‘Revolting Rhymes’, so amusing, with the surprise endings in place of the traditional ‘happily ever after’ finishes to the six well known fairy tales. My grandchildren love me to read to them, especially Michael Morpurgo books, the first I ever read was ‘War Horse’. I found this an inspirational novel, the experiences of Joey, a horse purchased by the army for service in World War 1 France and the attempts of young Albert his previous owner to bring him safely home was just so moving. I was so pleased to be able to watch both the film and stage musical recently, finding both of them very emotional. At the moment I am re- reading Louis Sachar ‘Holes’ I just love this story of Stanley’s life told in such an exceptionally funny way.

Annie Butler

Vice Chair and Safeguarding

I moved to Cornwall in 2014 and, together with my husband, run a small business. Previously I have had a career in primary education spanning 27 years as a teacher, advisory teacher, education consultant and Head Teacher. As a governor I hope I will be able to use my knowledge and understanding of education to support Luxulyan School as it continues to flourish. In my spare time I try to keep active enjoying a range of activities including yoga, swimming, badminton and most of all, I love to walk in this beautiful part of Cornwall – in all weathers!

Matthew Tonkin

Curriculum, Whistleblowing, Sports and Data

Hi, I'm Matt and have been a governor at the school since 2018. I currently have three children at the school which I attended myself at some point in the distant past.

I work in a local primary school and have over 11 years experience of teaching across all ages in KS2.

Outside of work, I am kept busy by my four children and enjoy a variety of sports. I also help run the local Youth Football Club that was formed in 2016.

Stephanie Apostolou

EYFS, Reading and Phonics

Hi everyone, I'm Steph and I am the manager of Luxulyan Pre-School. I became a governor to keep strong links between the pre-school and school, meaning great communication between both! I also did this to help our children who transition up to Reception class to settle in smoothly!

I am the Early Years, Reading and Phonics governor, I am passionate about helping children develop early on in life in fun, exciting ways. I believe the ‘Early Years’ are an important time in children's lives and I enjoy finding new ways to help children to learn and develop in a variety of exciting ways!

Kimberley Williams

SEND and Pupil Premium

Hello, I am Kim and I work at Luxulyan preschool and before that I was a carer in both a nursing home and the community and really enjoyed it. I really enjoy supporting people.

I have two children and they both attend Luxulyan school. I have one child who is SEN and has inspired me to be a governor in SEN area. It also inspired me to work with children and to gain as much knowledge to help children grow.

Outside of work I am kept busy with my family. We enjoy walks with our 2 bouncy dogs, exploring woods and the beach.

Gemma Weir

Finance and Community

Hi I’m Gemma. I joined as a governor in September 2019.

My two children attend Luxulyan school and I am excited to be part of the school both as a parent and a governor.

I work for a local bank so I have an interest in the finance aspect of Luxulyan school. I hope my knowledge and experience in finance will assist me in this role.

I am also the chairperson for Luxulyan preschool so I am very keen to continue and keep the strong relationship and connection between the preschool and school.

I love to read and have always read to my children. Jacqueline Wilson and the Mr Men/Little Miss series are firm favourites at home.

Outside of work my family and I love to go camping and out on our kayak.

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