Parent / Pupil Support Advisor

Hi, my name is Mary Fox and I am your Parent / Pupil Support Advisor at Luxulyan School. My role within the school is to offer support and confidential, impartial advice to you on any concerns or queries you may have about your child's education or well-being. I may not have the answers, but I will do my best to support you and if necessary direct you to the right person or agency to help you.


I am able to offer support in the following area:

  • Provide information about services and sources of help
  • Attend meetings with you, for moral support, to ask questions or to take notes
  • Help complete forms/paperwork
  • Help you understand and manage referrals
  • An unbiased ear 


There are many more ways in which I may be able to assist, please feel free to contact me at mfox@lux.celtrust.org or by ringing the school.

No matter how small your concern, if something is worrying you then talk about it, hopefully, we can resolve it.