Uniform/Appearance Policy

Luxulyan School Uniform Policy
Luxulyan School uniform is very important and we expect all parents to support our policy:
  • All pupils are required to wear school uniform.
  • All uniform should be named.
  • A bottle green top embroidered with the Luxulyan School logo. This is required all year round.
  • Options are: Full Zip Fleece, Round Neck Sweatshirt and Sweat Cardigan Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore. No jeans, combat trousers, leggings/stretch-type trousers, cropped trousers, drainpipes or skinnies. No decorative loops, logos, studs or additional buttons.
  • White shirts/blouses (long or short sleeved) or white short sleeved polo shirts. Must be able to be tucked in.
  • Grey, Black or White socks.
  • Grey or bottle green tights Summer: formal (not casual) grey shorts instead of long trousers or a gingham checked/striped green and white dress. Playsuits in the same style as a gingham summer dress are acceptable.
  • Black closed toe polishable shoes without logos of any kind, not a trainer. This is required all year round.
The request for all children to wear a Luxulyan School badge embroidered top.
Please let us know if the cost of uniform presents your family with any problems.


In the interests of safety, practicality and hygiene, long hair i.e. shoulder length or longer, must be tied back during school hours. This is particularly important during PE and swimming. Grade 1 hair cuts are not acceptable and Grade 2 haircuts should be applied with caution. Pupils should not have their hair or eyebrows shaved. Therefore, styles such as tramlines/patterns, dreadlocks, Mohicans, highlights or dyed hair are not allowed.



Pupils should not wear jewellery to school. Stud earrings are acceptable.