Spelling Shed

New at Luxulyan Spelling Shed!

The Spelling Shed - proudly powered by EdShed - is a spelling platform which aims to make spelling fun for students. Get ready to collect your honeypots and personalise your avatar. Will you start on the Easy level and work your way up or jump straight to the challenge?

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Spelling Scheme

The Spelling Shed scheme has been created following key National Curriculum objectives and will take children through the statutory and non-statutory spelling lists in each age phase.

It is a whole-school scheme of work for spelling gives 100% coverage of the National Curriculum including all statutory words and spelling rules. The scheme is broken up into a weekly progression with a Spelling Shed list for each week plus printable activities and resources to aid teaching and learning.

Your child will be given an individual Spelling Shed login in order to play games which practise their weekly spelling list. Please contact your class teacher if your do not know your child's login.