RWI Phonics

Being a Reader


 Read Write Inc. Phonics


Intent, Implementation & Impact
Intent- Why are we teaching this?
At Luxulyan School our vision is to: Grow Every Learner, Learn for life, Enjoy Every Challenge and Excel Together. We want our children to thrive, not just whilst they are with us but for the rest of their lives. We know that learning to read plays an instrumental part in enabling that to happen.
'To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.'
Victor Hugo
Read Write Inc (RWI) is a proven, consistent, and rigorous method of teaching every child to read. Read Write Inc. programmes work because we get children’s brain ‘COGS’ working:

Everything CONNECTS: children connect sounds with mnemonic pictures; words with their meanings; and stories with the sounds they know. They connect their own experiences to the stories they read and learn to lift the words off the page.

Children learn ONE thing at a time and practise it until it becomes second nature. Interactive practice keeps children focused, and their capacity to learn develops exponentially.

They learn at their GOLDILOCKS spot (not too easy, not too hard) with others at a similar challenge level. No time is wasted.

Children remember what they learn by SAYING it out loud to a partner. If they can’t explain it, the teacher repeats it until they can.

We are determined that every child will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or ability. We want children to learn to blend letter sounds together to read quickly and accurately and to then keep on reading. We want children to see reading not only as a task set by teachers in school but as an activity which provides pleasure and unlocks the world for them.
Word Reading
  • Children learn a simple alphabetic code followed later by a more complex code.
  • All reading books progress cumulatively, matched to the sounds children know
Language Comprehension
  • We help children to enjoy stories and poems from the minute they come into school. We know and love the books we read aloud, so children will want to hear the same story again and again.
  • We use similar emphases and intonation on each reading, so children can join in the retelling.
  • Our picture books are for all children, whether they can read or not. For those who are still learning to read, we help them retell the story. For children who are able to read, we encourage them to enjoy reading and to retell the story events.


Implementation- What does this look like in the classroom?

At Luxulyan we use Read,Write,Inc. Phonics to teach a programme of daily lessons from Reception to Year 2. In KS2, pupils who need additional phonics support continue with Read Write Inc sessions. The aim of these programmes is to support the children and develop their skills in order that they can work at the necessary level as soon as possible.

Children learn the 44 phonemes (speech sounds) and their associated graphemes (how these are written) through a system of synthetic phonics. In addition to this, pupils learn to read and spell appropriate high-frequency and exception words for their age group.

Each session gives an opportunity for children to:

  •  Learn new sounds
  •  Review sounds already learnt
  •  Develop their sight vocabulary of green words (words that you can decode using your knowledge of phonemes)
  •  Develop their sight vocabulary of red words (words that you can not decode using your knowledge of phonemes)
  •  Develop their ability to decode nonsense words (words that test their ability to use phonics, but are not real)
  •  Apply phonetic knowledge to reading storybooks by blending (commonly referred to as sounding out and then reading the word)
  •  Segmenting the words for spelling (breaking the words back into sounds).


Word Reading

  • We organise Read Write Inc. books and resources in a central area.
  • All books read in RWI lessons progress according to the children’s phonic knowledge and skills.
  • There are boxes of RWI book bag books for the children to take home.
  • All home reading books are decodable, linked with each stage of the children’s phonic knowledge.

Language Comprehension

  • Each RWI story book includes key comprehension questions.
  • As a staff, we share stories to children with love, confidence and enjoyment, every day.
  • We organise parent workshops to support parents and ensure that they understand how important story time is at home.


Year 1 Screening Check


In the Summer Term, every Year 1 child will take the National Phonics Screening Check; this is a phonics-based check where children will be expected to read 40 simple, decodable words including nonsense words.

This is a progress check to identify those children who are not yet at the expected level in their reading. The results will be reported to parents.  Children will be rechecked in Year 2 if they do not reach the expected level.


Impact- What is the effect?

Word reading

We aim for the majority of our children to have completed the Read Write Inc. phonics programme by the end of the Autumn Term in Year 2.  However identified Year 2 and KS2 children who still require further support with phonics, will continue to access RWI.


Language comprehension


  • know the importance of reading stories to their children every day
  • know how to engage children in stories when reading aloud.


  • know the importance of reading stories to their children at home
  • know how to read stories to their children
  • read with their children most evenings.


  • are able to read books in line with their phonic knowledge and with increasing fluency.
  • enjoy listening to stories and poems
  • can join in with many stories and poems
  • learn new vocabulary


 How can I help my child with Phonics?

Listen to your child read regularly, every night if possible.

They will bring home a RWI Bookbag Book- this book is directly linked to the sounds they have been taught in school and is 'phonetically plausible'- this means they know all the sounds in order to read it.

Read to your child and share a love of books together.

They will also bring home a 'Book for Sharing' this is a free choice, high quality picture book. It has a green sticker on the front to make it clear. It may be too tricky in places for them, but it is a book they want to read for pleasure, so read it to them, with them and before long they'll be reading it to you!


Further details of the Read Write Inc. programme for parents can be found at http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/ where tutorial videos are available for parents to support their children’s reading at home.
We run a Phonics meeting each year to explain your child's RWI lesson. You will also find resources below to support you and your child at home. Speak to your child's class teacher if you have any questions.