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We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum and as such, you will notice the curriculum pages changing over the coming weeks and months. Given its high importance and significant impact on teaching and learning, this is not a task we want to rush so please be patient with us while we make these changes and update the website as new information becomes available.

 Read Write Inc. Phonics

Intent, Implementation & Impact


At Luxulyan we use Read,Write,Inc. Phonics to teach a programme of daily lessons from Reception to Year 2.

Children learn the 44 phonemes (speech sounds) and their associated graphemes (how these are written) through a system of synthetic phonics. In addition to this, pupils learn to read and spell appropriate high-frequency and exception words for their age group.

Each session gives an opportunity for children to:

  •  Learn new sounds
  •  Review sounds already learnt
  •  Develop their sight vocabulary of green words (words that you can decode using your knowledge of phonemes)
  •  Develop their sight vocabulary of red words (words that you can not decode using your knowledge of phonemes)
  •  Develop their ability to decode nonsense words (words that test their ability to use phonics, but are not real)
  •  Apply phonetic knowledge to reading storybooks by blending (commonly referred to as sounding out and then reading the word)
  •  Segmenting the words for spelling (breaking the words back into sounds).



Year 1 Screening Check


In the Summer Term, every Year 1 child will take the National Phonics Screening Check; this is a phonics-based check where children will be expected to read 40 simple, decodable words including nonsense words.


This is a progress check to identify those children who are not yet at the expected level in their reading. The results will be reported to parents.  Children will be rechecked in Year 2 if they do not reach the expected level.

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