Maths Home Learning

Maths Home Learning
There are so many practical activities that you can do at home that involve maths.  Following recipes, measuring using scales, counting and sorting anything around the house for the younger ones, helping budget for the weekly grocery shop for the older ones.
White Rose Maths has weekly Home Learning lessons with a video to watch and worksheets and answers to complete the lesson, link below. We subscribe to this, so from Week 4 onwards we will send the worksheets and answers to you via email.
Something that would be really helpful for your children and easy to do at home would be to practice telling the time. We use digital clocks so often today, that the skill of reading an analogue clock is sometimes forgotten.
The concepts are introduced at these points:
Year 1-Tell the time recognising O'clock and half past
Year 2-Tell the time to 5 mins, including quarter past and quarter to
Year 3-Time on an analogue clock to the nearest minute including Roman numerals and 24 hour clock times
Maths Frame is a good website with games for many areas of the curriculum, here is a link to some of their time games