February 2017

1st February 2017
Eden Project - Wednesday 1st February 2017
Ash Class (Class One) visited the Eden Project for Ice-play which related to their 'Polar Regions' topic. 
They had an introductory presentation of the history of Eden, explored the Mediterranean and Rainforest Biomes and pulled each other along the ice on sledges! 
"I liked the Rainforest biome where we saw bananas growing up above us" Leon 
"I enjoyed being pulled around the ice on sledges" Lara
Take a look below to see some photos of their day out to Eden.
Hinduism / Sikhism Workshop - Monday 6th February 2017 
Oak Class (Class 4) spent the morning learning about Sikhism religion.
The core beliefs we explored :
  • There is One God 
  • All Are Equal 
  • Meditation 
  • Live Honestly 
  • Share with Others
Oak Class also had the opportunity to learn dance and cook food (and eat it of course!)
Beech Class (Class 2) spent the afternoon learning about Hinduism religion.
They explored:
  • Core beliefs
  • Holy books
  • Worship
  • Festivals 
Beech Class also enjoyed learning their dance and dressing in clothing from this culture.
You can find photos and videos on class pages of our workshops.